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When Billy finds Jase's letter regarding visits to a probation office, he tells the community that Jase is a criminal, causing them to shun him.When Jay discovers his father has been in prison, he reacts badly and is arrested for carving "LIAR" into a bus shelter, referring to Jase's lies about where he had been all his life.Dawn is initially furious, but despite realising that he is involved in criminal activity, she makes no attempt to stop him as she is desperate to keep the money and get the wedding of her dreams.Jase speaks of leaving Walford to escape Terry, but Dawn announces that they have set a date for their wedding, ensuring that Jase cannot leave.Terry is angry about this and makes various threats to get him to reconsider.

It was later confirmed on the character will leave East Enders.

She goes into premature labour and gives birth to her son, William.

Enraged by the gang attack, Jase swears revenge on Terry and threatens to kill him to gain his freedom, but he is stopped by the intervention of Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden), who calls the police; the gang is then arrested.

Dawn then spends the money on various things including clothes and rent money for a new flat.

Jase adopts Summer and his name is added to her birth certificate, after Dawn had left it blank when Summer was born.

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